Nebula Missionen

(Stand 2nd Edition)

Spätestens durch die neue Tactic "Riker Maneuver" sind Nebula Locations wieder in den Fokus der Aufmerksamkeit gelangt, jedoch gab es bereits zuvor einige Karten die sich daraufbezogen, wie auch Isabella, auf der sich komplette Strategien aufbauen lassen. Neben der Missionsliste daher auch eine Liste der Nebula-bezogenen Karten.

Type Cardname Affiliations Gametext Punkte Strategy
Analyze Radiation
(The Motion Pictures, Common)
Sector 441 - Briar Patch - Conduct analysis of the metaphasic particles in nthis nebula.
Astrophysics + Biology + Navigation
Span -2 for all Son'a ships.
Corner Enemy Ship
(The Borg, Uncommon)
Dense nebula - Flush out enemy hiding amidst the radiation of this anomaly.
Leadership + Navigation + Stellar Cartography
May attempt only if your total WEAPONS>15 here.
Establish Station
(Deep Space Nine, Common)
Amleth Prime - Build remote stationon this planet located in a cloak-disrupting emission nebula.
Cloaking Devices do not function here.
FGC-47 Research
(Alternate Universe, Rare)
FGC-47 - Study interior of nebula filled with energy strands that obstruct navigation.

Diplomacy + Youth x2
X = 6 minus each Navigation aboard ship.
Intelligence Operation
(The Dominion, Uncommon)
Dominion Homeworld
Founder's homeworld - Covertly compile data on current Dominion homeworld in the Omarion Nebula.
Navigation x2 + (Tal Shiar OR Obsidian Order) + Anthropology + (SECURITY x3 OR any Odo)
Inversion Mystery
(Voyager, Uncommon)
Inversion nebula - Determine how plasma strands - typically unstable - have survived here for centuries.
ENGINEER + Astrophysics + Diplomacy
Investigate Rumors
(Deep Space Nine, Rare)
Chamra Vortex - Search nebula for clues to origin of changelings.
Navigation + SCIENCE x2 + SECURITY OR Navigation + Odo
(Q-Continuum, Common)
- The McAllister C-5, near Minos Korva, is representative of nebulae in the Alpha Quadrant.

Scan must be played to initiate battle here.
Face next dilemma here when oponnent scores points.
Patrol Neutral Zone
(First Contact, Uncommon)
Nebula at Neutral Zone - Neutral Zone - Prevent incursions along border of Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone.
Leadership + No opposing ships in Neutral Zone
X = 10x number of Neutral Zone locations in play.
Paxan "Wormhole"
(Q-Continuum, Rare)
Ngame Nebula - Investigate M-class planet and wormhole reported near T-tauri-type star.
Diplomacy + CUNNING>30 + Android
Relocate opponent's ship if no android aboard.
Return Life-Form
(Voyager, Uncommon)
Class-J Nebula - Communicate with electromagnetic life-form on ship and return it to its native environment.
Computer Skill x2 + Astrophysics + Exobiology + Diplomacy OR Kathryn Janeway
Study Nebula
(Premiere lim., Rare)
Gamma Erandi - Study and chart nebula.
Astrophysics + Stellar Cartography + CUNNING>40
Study Protonebula
(Holodeck Adventures, Uncommon)
Any Away Team/Crew may attempt Protonebula - Monitor emerging phenomenon and record the effects of its radiation on the crew.
Astrophysics + Biology + Navigation x2
Once per game, you may download One to your ship here.
Survey Mission
(Premiere lim., Rare)
Mar Oscura - Study and chart dark matter nebula.
Stellar Cartography + Physics

Weitere Nebula bezogene Karten:

Type Cardname Gametext Strategy
(Alternate Universe, Uncommon)
("Plays on any non-Borg ship at a nebula")
Ensign Tuvok
(The Motion Pictures, Rare)
("Once per game, may cancel a battle at same nebula.")
(First Contact, Uncommon)
("When aboard, your ship may treat each nebula as if its span were reduced by 1.")
Transwarp Hub
(Holodeck Adventures, Rare)
("Seeds or plays at any nebula.")
Riker Maneuver
(The Motion Pictures, Uncommon)
("Requires ship at a nebula firing...")