EM 2001
Das Deck des Deutschen Meisters 2001
Marc Schuetze

Artifacts Ressikan Flute
Dilemmas Hide and Seek
Chula: The Chandra
Friendly Fire

Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow
Spatial Rift

Chula: The Game
Dead End

Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow
Male's Love Interest & Plague Ship

Hanonian Land Eel
Denevan Neutral Parasites

Hanonian Land Eel
Vulcanic Eruption
Executive Authorization
Cytherians (evtl. selfseed)

Doorways Q's Tent
Space-Time Portal
Temporal Microwormhole
Events: Ancestral Vision
Facilities: Nekrit Supply Depot
Incidents: Caretaker's Array
Delta Quadrant Spacial Scission
Q the Referee
Quark's Isolinear Rods
Missions: Answer Distress Signal
Assist Cooperative
Inversion Mystery
Reinitialize Warp Reaction
Salvage Operation
Objectives: Assign Mission Specialists
Assign Support Personnel
Defend Homeworld
Ships: U.S.S. Voyager
Sites: Cargo Bay
Docking Pylons
Guest Quarters
Promenade Shops
Doorways: Space-Time Portal x2
Q's Tent x5
Alternate Universe Door
Temporal Vortex
Equipment: Moblie Holo-Emitter
Bio-Neural Gelpack
Event: Massaka Transformations x2
The Big Picture
Mirror Image
Fair Play
Incidents: Obelisk of Massaka x2
Blue Alert
Access Denied
Reactor Overload
Writ of Accountability x2
Q the Referee
Handshake x5
Interrupts: Nanaprobe Resuscitation x5
Mutation x6
Palor Toff - Alien Trader x2
Objectives: Operate Wormhole Relays
Personnel: Dr. Farek
Dr. Royse
Luther Sloan
Tasha Yar
Dr. Telek R'Mor
Katheryn Janeway
The Pendari Champion
Kurros x2
Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel x2
Rudolph Ransom x2
Tuvok x2
The Doctor x2
Harry Kim x2
B'Elanna Torres x3
Seven of Nine x3
Chacotay x4
Neelix x2
Tom Paris
Ships: Delta Flyer x3
U.S.S. Voyager x2
U.S.S. Equinox x3
Bothan Vessel x3
Q's Tent Sidedeck
Doorways: Barzan Wormhole
Events: Ancestral Vision
Goddess of Empathy
Revolving Door
Facilities: Colony
Interrupts: Distortion of Space/Time Continuum
Kevin Uxbridge
Ship Seizure
The Devil
Personnel: Magistrate Drang
  Common Uncommon Rare Premium
Basic: 5 3 4  
Alternate Universe: 1   2  
Q-Continuum: 7   1  
First Contact: 1 3 1  
Deep Space Nine: 1 3    
The Dominion:   3 1  
Blaze of Glory:   2    
Rules of Acquisition: 1 1 4  
Trouble with Tribbles:   6 1  
Mirror Mirror:   1    
Voyager: 10 23 43 2 S, 1 UR
OTSD:       4
Enh. Prem:       3
2nd. Anth.:       1
Total 26 45 57 11