Deckliste des Europameisters 2001 Markus Rass!

(in Kombination)
Vulcanic Eruption
Ferengi Infestation
Executive Authorization

Vulcanic Eruption
Hanonian Land Eel
Denevan Neural Parasites
Founder Secret

Dead End
Chula: The Chandra
Friendly Fire

Edo Probe
Chula: The Chandra
Friendly Fire

Edo Probe
Borg Ship

Edo Probe
Borg Ship

Doorway: Q's Tent
Temporal Micro-Wormhole
Event: Ancestral Vision
Mission Debriefing
Facility: Nekrit Supply Depot
Incident: Caretaker's Array
Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission
Q The Referee x2
Mission: Answer Distress Signal
Assist Cooperative
Inversion Mystery
Reinitialize Warp Reaction
Salvage Operation
Objective: Assign Mission Specialists
Assign Support Personnel
Doorway: Alternate Universe Door
Launch Portal x4
Q's Tent x10
Space-Time Portal x4
Temporal Vortex x2
Equipment: Mobile Holo-Emitter
Event: Engage Shuttle Operations
Fair Play
Masaka Transformations x3
Mirror Image
Kivas Fajo - Collector x5
The Big Picture
Villgagers with Torches
Incident: Access Denied
Handshake x11
Obelisk of Masaka x3
Q The Referee x2
Reactor Overload
Writ of Accountability x2
Interrupt: Full Planet Scan x3
Mutation x4
Palor Toff x7
Rogue Borg Mercenaries x6
Scan x2
Temporal Rift x6
Objective: Defend Homeworld
Operate Wormhole Relays
Personnel: Albert Einstein
B'Elanna Torres x4
Beverly and Will
Chakotay x6
Data and Geordi
Data and Picard
Dr. Farek (AMS)
Dr. Leah Brahms (AMS)
Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel x3
Dr. Telek R'Mor
Kathryn Janeway
Seven of Nine x5
Tasha Yar (ASP)
The Doctor x2
The Pendari Champion
Tom Paris x4
Tuvok x4
Ship: Bothan Vessel x2
Delta Flyer x3
U.S.S. Equinox x4
U.S.S. Voyager x4
Q's Tent - Sidedeck
Dilemma: Dead End
Event: Ancestral Vision
Goddess of Empathy
Revolving Door
Interrupt: Distortion of Space/Time-Continuum
Dropping In
Kevin Uxbridge
Ship Seizure
Personnel: Commander Charvanek
Magistrate Drang
Ship: Husnock Ship
  Common Uncommon Rare Premium
Basic: 11 27 8  
Alternate Universe: 1 4 1  
Q-Continuum: 11      
First Contact: 1 10 1  
Deep Space Nine:   2    
The Dominion:   4 3  
Blaze of Glory:   2    
Rules of Acquisition:   1 3  
Trouble with Tribbles:   9 2  
Mirror Mirror:     2  
Voyager: 2 25 50 3 S, 1 UR
OTSD:       4
Enh. Prem:       3
Total 26 84 70 7, 3, 1