Deutscher Meister 2008
Tobias Rausmann

Mission: Assimilate Resistance
Fissure Research
Plot Invasion
Salvage Borg Ship
Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
Event: At What Cost? x3
Desperate Sacrifice
Machinations x3
Quintessence x3
Regeneration Alcoves x2
Unexpected Difficulties x3
Unyielding x3
You’ve Always Been My Favorite x3
Interrupt: Adapt x2
Ascertain x2
The First of Many x2
Personnel: Acclimation Drone
Annexation Drone x3
Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive x3
Cartography Drone
Computation Drone x3
Continuity Drone x3
Data, Tempted by Flesh
Evaluation Drone x2
Facilitation Drone x2
First, Unstoppable
Four of Nine, Heuristics Drone x2
Fourth, Neonatal Drone
Locutus, Voice of the Borg x3
Negation Drone
Observation Drone x3
Opposition Drone x2
Reclamation Drone
Reconnaissance Drone
Requisitions Drone x3
Research Drone
Third, Neonatal Drone
Three of Nine, Tactician Drone
Two of Nine, Transtator Drone x3
Ship: Locutus’ Borg Cube x3
Queen’s Borg Sphere, Contingency Vessel x3
Dual: Agonizing Encounter x2
An Issue of Trust
Back Room Dealings
Back to Basics
Chula: The Chandra
Curt Reprimand
Formal Hearing
Gorgan x2
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Hard Time x3
Heart to Heart
Inferiority x3
Moral Choice
Skeleton Crew x2
The Dreamer and the Dream x2
Planet: Cultural Differences
Excalbian Drama x2
Necessary Execution x2
Neurogenic Field
No Kill I
Rogue Borg Ambush
Space: Breaking the Ice
Fesarius Bluff
Gomtuu Shock Wave
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Personal Duty
Tactical Disadvantage x3
Warp Bubble Mishap
Where No One Has Gone Before