The Original Series Meets Genesis
Turniersiegerdeck Hannover #91
Sandra Stieί

The Original Series Meets Genesis
Mission: Earth - Lush and Beautiful Home
Geological Survey
Medical Relief
Mining Survey
Survey New World
Drawdeck (45)
Equipment: Emergency Transport Unit x2
Event: How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
Machinations x3
The Crystalline Entity x3
The Genesis Effect
Interrupt: Escape
One-Upsmanship x3
The Rite of Emergence x3
Personnel – Federation: Angela Martine
Christine Chapel – Medical Assistant
Gary Mitchell – Godlike Mutant x2
Jadzia Dax – Communications Staffer x2
James T. Kirk – Original Thinker x2
Julian Bashir – Medical Staffer
Leonard H. McCoy – Chief Medical Officer x2
Mark Piper
Matt Decker – Vengeful Commodore
Montgomery Scott – Chief Engineer
Richard Daystrom – Influental Scientist x2
Robert Tomlinson
Spock – Trainee Instructor
Personnel – Non-Aligned: Carol Marcus – Intelligent Scientist
David Marcus – Young Scientist
Ezri Tigan – Soldier of Fortune
Ship: U.S.S. Constellation – Dead Hulk
U.S.S. Constitution x2
U.S.S. Enterprise – Beautiful Lady
Dilemmapile (40)
Dual: An Issue of Trust
Back Room Dealings
Entanglement x2
Guess Who’s Coming do Dinner?
Last Grasp
Secret Identity x3
Security Weapons
Skeleton Crew x3
Tragic Turn x3
Planet: A Devil Scorned
Charged-Particle Precipitation
Compassionate Interference
Cultural Differences
Excalbian Drama
Kolaran Raiders
Neural Parasites
No Kill I
Whisper in the Dark x2
Space: Alluring Spy
Command Decisions
Distress Call
Fesarius Bluff
Hull Breach
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Preventative Repercussions
Tsiolkovsky Infection x2
Warp Bubble Mishap