Borg V.1.33
Grand Prix 2007 Quarter-Finals Deck
Sonny Jensen

Borg V.1.33
Mission: Assimilate Resistance
Fissure Research
Plot Invasion
Salvage Borg Ship
Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
Equipment: Bat’leth
Emergency Transport Unit
Event: At What Cost?`x3
Distant Exploration
Machinations x2
Quintessence x2
Regeneration Alcoves x2
Stir Crazy x2
These Are the Voyages x3
Unexpected Difficulties
Unimatrix Zero x3
Unyielding x2
Interrupt: Adapt
Ascertain x2
Kevin Uxbridge
Knowledge and Experience
Shady Resources
Standard Punishment x2
The First of Many
Personnel: Acclimation Drone
Annexation Drone x3
Archival Drone
Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive x3
Computation Drone x2
Continuity Drone x2
Defragmentation Drone
Evaluation Drone
Facilitation Drone x2
First, Unstable
Five of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 942
Four of Nine, Heuristics Drone
Fourth, Neonatal Drone
Information Drone
Locutus, Voice of the Borg x2
Negation Drone
Observation Drone x2
Opposition Drone
Reconnaissance Drone
Requisitions Drone x2
Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive
Six of Ten, Invalidations Drone
Third, Neonatal Drone
Two of Nine, Transtator Drone x2
Ship: Borg Cube x2
Queen’s Borg Sphere, Contingency Vessel x2
Sphere 634 x2
Various: A Royal Hunt
Agonizing Encounter
An Issue of Trust x2
Back Room Dealings
Captain’s Holiday
Chula: The Dice
Cultural Differences
Dangerous Liaisons
Dignitaries and Witnesses
Distress Call
Excalbian Drama x2
Fesarius Bluff
Gomtuu Shock Wave x3
Gorgan x2
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Hard Time x2
Magnetic Field Disruptions
No Kill I
Personal Duty
Picking Up the Pieces
Pinned Down
Racial Tension
Rogue Borg Ambush
Skeleton Crew x2
Swashbuckler at Heart
Tactical Disadvantage x2
Trelane’s Trial
Tsiolkovsky Infection
Where No One Has Gone Before x2
Whisper in the Dark
Zero Hour