Cadets Alternate
Landesmeisterschaft 2007 in Magdeburg
Oliver Thust

Cadets Alternate
Mission: Earth, Home of Starfleet Command
Investigate Sighting
Practice Orbital Maneuvers
Retrieve Material
Secure Strategic Base
Equipment: Emergency Transport Unit x2
Engineering PADD
Event: Machinations x2
Running a Tight Ship
Tampering with Time x2
Unexpected Difficulties x2
Interrupt: Grav Plating Trap x3
Personnel: Ambassador Gral
Benjamin Sisko, Command Staffer
Carol Marcus, Intelligent Scientist
Daniels, Temporal Enforcer
David Marcus, Young Scientist
Dorian Collins, Acting Chief Petty Officer
Dukat, Pah-Wraith Puppet
James t. Kirk, Original Thinker
Jean Hejar, Nova Squadron Navigator
Karen Farris, Rigorous Leader
Khan Noonien Singh, Bold Man
Matthew Dougherty, Misguided Admiral
Morik x2
Nicholas Locarno, Nova Squadron Leader
Nog, Eager Cadet
Riley Shepard, Confident Cadet
Seth Matthews, Red Squad Cadet
Sito Jaxa, Nova Squadron Pilot
Skalaar, Bounty Hunter
Tim Watters, Valiant Captain
Wesley Crusher, Nova Squadron Pilot
Zefram Cochrane, Ready to Make History
Ship: U.S.S. Excelsior x2
U.S.S. Valiant, Red Squad Training Ship
Various: Outclassed x2
Personal Duty x3
Where No One Has Gone Before
Talosian Trial x2
Accelerated Aging x2
Agonizing Encounter x2
An Issue of Trust x3
A Pattern of Lies x3
Back Room Dealings x3
Dangerous Liaisons x3
Hard Time x3
Skeleton Crew x3
The Dreamer and the Dream x3
Psychokinetic Control x2
Neural Parasites
Distress Call
No Kill I
Fesarius Bluff x3
Gorgan x3
Vault of Tomorrow x2
Moment of Doubt x2
Excalbian Drama