Landesmeisterschaft 2007 in Hof
Markus Richter

Mission: Athos IV, Maquis Base
Evacuate Colony
Intercept Maquis
Investigate Maquis Activity
Verify Evidence
Drawdeck (57)
Event: Biogenic Weapon x3
Defend Our People x2
For the Cause x2
Learning Curve
Not Easily Avoided
Organized Terrorist Activities x2
Stalling for Time x3
Strafing Fire x2
Interrupt: Cascade Virus x3
Operational Necessity x2
Strength for Our Struggle x2
Personnel: B-4, Dangerous Simpleton x2
B’Elanna Torres, Creative Engineer x2
Cal Hudson, Attaché to the Demilitarized Zone
Chakotay, Freedom Fighter
Kalita, Maquis Pilot
Kenneth Dalby, Insubordinate Crewman
Lore, The One x2
Macius x2
Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader
Rebecca Sullivan, Resistance Fighter x2
Ro Laren, Maquis Sympathizer
Shankar, Maquis Soldier x3
S’salk, Gorn Captain x2
Thomas Riker, Defiant Leader x2
Tom Paris, “Starfleet Observer”
Tuvok, Undercover x2
Ship: Maquis Raider
U.S.S. Defiant, Stolen Warship x2
Dilemmapile (51)
Confined to Quarters
Distress Call x2
Fesarius Bluff x2
Gomtuu Shockwave x3
Outclassed x2
Personal Duty x2
Shields Up!
Small Problems
Where No One Has Gone Before x2
Planet: Assassination Attempt x2
Biochemical Hyperacceleration x2
Cultural Differences x2
Excalbian Drama x2
Necessary Execution x2
Rogue Borg Ambush
Trabe Grenade x2
Dual: Agonizing Encounter
An Issue of Trust x3
A Pattern of Lies x2
Back Room Dealings
Chula: Pick One to Save Two x2
Eye to Eye
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? x2
Racial Tension x2
Skeleton Crew x2
Swashbuckler at Heart x2
The Caretaker's "Guests" x2