TOC Winner Deck
Hannover #76
Palor Toff

TOC Hannover Runner-Up
Mission: 1x Evade Borg Vessel
1x Fissure Research
1x Plot Invasion
1x Salvage Borg Ship
1x Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
Draw Deck (42)
Event: 2x At What Cost?
2x Machinations
2x Recover Components
2x Stir Crazy
2x Unexpected Difficulties
1x Unyielding
3x You've Always Been My Favorite
Interrupt: 2x Adapt
3x Ascertain
Personnel: 3x Annexation Drone
2x Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive
2x Computation Drone
2x Continuity Drone
1x Defragmentation Drone
1x Facilitation Drone
2x Invasive Drone
1x Locutus, Voice of the Borg
2x Negation Drone
2x Observation Drone
2x Requisitions Drone
Ship: 2x Borg Sphere
1x Sphere 634
Dilemmapile (35)
Space: 2x Command Decisions
1x Don't Let It End This Way
2x Personal Duty
2x Small Problems
1x Tsiolkovsky Infection
Planet: 1x A Bad End
2x Assassination Attempt
1x In Training
2x Kolaran Raiders
1x Whisper in the Dark
Dual: 2x Back Room Dealings
2x Exposed Power Relay
2x Final Adventure
2x Full Security Alert
2x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
2x Pinned Down
3x Racial Tension
2x Timescape
3x Tragic Turn