TOC Winner Deck
Hannover #76
Ulf Benjes

TOC Hannover Winner
Mission: 1x Amnesty Talks
1x Wormhole Negotiations
1x The Last Outpost
1x Transport Delegation
1x Qo'noS, Heart of the Empire
Draw Deck (50)
Equipment: 3x Emergency Transport Unit
2x Engineering Kit
2x Engineering PADD
Event: 2x A Chance for Glory
3x All-Out War
2x D'Arsay Archive
2x Ferocity
3x Guidance of the Council
1x How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
2x Noble Cause
2x Ressikan Flute
2x Standing Your Ground
2x Tampering With Time
Personnel: 1x Aaron Conor, Born Leader
2x Alexander Rozhenko, K'mtar
2x Drex, Arrogant Warrior
1x Duras, Son of a Traitor
1x Gowron, Leader of the High Council
1x Kahless, The Unforgettable
1x Kang, Honored Warrior
1x K'mpec, Klingon Supreme Commander
1x Koloth, D'akturak
2x Korath, Diplicitous Tinkerer
1x Kor, Noble Warrior to the End
1x K'Tal, Senior Council Member
1x Martok, Soldier of the Empire
1x T'vis
1x Worf, Regent of the Alliance
Ship: 2x I.K.S. K't'inga
1x I.K.S. Qam-Chee
1x I.K.S. Rotarran, Ship of Tears
Dilemmapile (40)
Space: 2x Gomtuu Shock Wave
2x Magnetic Field Disruptions
3x Tsiolkovsky Infection
Planet: 2x Charged-Particle Precipitation
3x Harsh Conditions
3x Whisper in the Dark
Dual: 2x Back Room Dealings
2x Center of Attention
2x Chula: Pick One to Save Two
3x Counterinsurgency Program
3x Formal Hearing
2x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
3x Hard Time
3x Overwhelmed
3x Secret Identity
2x Skeleton Crew