Fast, Faster, Baraka
Grand Prix 2005 Siegerdeck
Christian Pulsfort

Fast, Faster, Baraka
Mission: 1x Encounter at Farpoint
1x Investigate Alien Probe
1x Protect the Escapees
1x Bajor, Gift of the Prophets
1x Founders' Homeworld, Home of the Great Link
Draw Deck (43)
Event: 3x At What Cost?
2x Bajoran Gratitude Festival
3x Days of Atonement
3x Deploy the Fleet
1x Exceed Engine Output
2x How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
2x In the Pah-wraith's Wake
2x Mission Accomplished
3x Party Atmosphere
1x Resistance Tactics
3x Running a Tight Ship
1x Tampering With Time
Personnel: 3x Benjamin Sisko, Shipwright
3x Founder Architect
2x Inad
1x Kira Meru, Comfort Woman
1x Kira Taban, Husband and Father
1x Kulan, Militia Soldier
1x Ranjen Koral, Student of B'hala
1x Treyam, Militia Soldier
1x Vash, Treasure Hunter
Ship: 3x Baraka
Dilemma (33)
Various: 1x Don't Let It End This Way
1x Command Decisions
1x Magnetic Field Disruptions
1x Personal Duty
1x Gomtuu Shock Wave
1x Disruptor Accident
1x Enemy Boarding Party
1x Where No One Has Gone Before
2x Tsiolkovsky Infection
2x A Bad End
1x Trabe Grenade
1x Triage
2x Renegade Ambush
2x Charged-Particle Precipitation
2x Whisper in the Dark
2x Entanglement
3x Urgency
1x Full Security Alert
1x Unscientific Method
1x Traitor Exposed
1x Misguided Activist
1x Final Adventure
3x Tragic Turn