Romulan Guys
To the Common People - Siegerdeck
Jaglom Shrek

Romulan Guys
Mission: 1x Iconia Investigation
1x Investigate Destruction
1x Investigate Massacre
1x Romulus, Seat of Power
1x Supervise Dilithium Mine
Draw Deck (40)
Event: 2x Getting Under Your Skin
2x Power Shift
1x Prejudice and Politics
2x Stir Crazy
2x Unexpected Difficulties
Interrupt: 2x Clear Ultimatum
Personnel: 1x Alidar Jarok, Conscientious Admiral
3x Chagrith
1x Cretak, Supporter of the Alliance
2x E'Tyshra
1x Hiren, Romulan Praetor
1x Karina, Intelligence Analyst
1x Kell, Romulan Accomplice
1x Mareth
1x Mirok, Interphase Researcher
3x Mullen
1x Noram
1x Pran Tainer, Atrean Seismologist
1x Relam
1x Selveth, Tal Shiar Pilot
1x Shinzon, Romulan Praetor
1x Taris, Deceitful Subcommander
3x Taul
1x Thexor
1x D'deridex Advanced
Ship: 3x Romulan Scout Vessel
Dilemma (35)
Various: 1x Alluring Spy
1x Confined to Quarters
2x Magnetic Field Disruptions
1x Small Problems
1x Captain's Holiday
2x Charged-Particle Precipitation
3x Harsh Conditions
2x Rogue Borg Ambush
2x Trabe Grenade
2x Center of Attention
2x Dangerous Liaisons
1x Dressing Down
2x Back Room Dealings
2x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
2x Heart to Heart
1x Murder Investigation
3x Racial Tension
2x Skeleton Crew
1x So Many Enemies
2x Temptation