What Exactly is Genesis?
PSE Day 1: Tony Gammell (Runner-Up)
Tony Gammell

What Exactly is Genesis?
Mission: Qonos - Heart of the Empire
Earth Cradle of the Federation
Investigate Destruction
Investigate Maquis Activity
Amnesty Talks
Ship: USS Enterprise D - Personal Flagship x2
USS Excelsior
Interrupt: Amanda Rogers
Escape x2
Event: Machinations x2
Unexpected Difficulties
At What Cost? x3
Tampering With Time x2
Running a Tight Ship x3
Desperate Sacrifice
Exceed Engine Output
How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
Personnel: Alexander Rozhenko Kmtar x3
Leonard H. McCoy, Remarkable Man x3
Jean-Luc Picard Starship Captain x2
Luther Sloan, Man of Secrets x2
Rixx x2
Dorian Collins
Geordi La Forge Conn Officer
Riley Shepard
Seth Matthews
James T. Kirk Living Legend x3
Vic Fontaine, Vegas Crooner x2
Daniels, Temporal Enforcer
Reginald Barclay
William T. Riker Wistful Admiral
Guinan, Listener
Various: Counterinsurgency Program x3
Equipment Malfunction x2
Hard Time x3
Back Room Dealings x2
Guess Whos Coming to Dinner? x2
A Royal Hunt
Skeleton Crew x2
Final Adventure
Personal Duty x2
Gomtuu Shockwave x2
Where No One Has Gone Before x2
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Unknown Microorganism x3
Harsh Conditions x3
Assassination Attempt
In Training
Shipboard Fire