Resistance is Futile
DM 2005 - Runner-Up
Sebastian Kirstein

Resistance is Futile
Mission: Collapse Anti Time-Anomaly
Evade Borg Vessel
Plot Invasion
Salvage Borg Ship
Unicomplex - Root of the Hive Mind
Event: At What Cost? x3
Machinations x3
Quintessence x3
Salvaging the Wreckage
You’ve Always Been My Favorite x3
Interrupt: Adapt x2
Ascertain x2
Personnel: Annexation Drone x3
Archival Drone
Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive
Computation Drone x2
Continuity Drone
Evaluation Drone
Facilitation Drone x3
Locutus, Voice of the Borg x2
Negation Drone
Observation Drone x3
Opposition Drone x2
Requisitions Drone x2
Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive
Ship: Sphere 634 x2
Dual: A Royal Hunt
Back Room Dealings x2
Chula: Echoes x2
Counterinsurgency Program x3
Exposed Power Relay x2
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Racial Tension x2
Tragic Turn x3
Planet: A Devil Scorned x2
Kolaran Raiders x2
Triage x2
Space: Alluring Spy x2
Command Decisions x2
Magnetic Field Disruptions x2