Hessisches Landesmeisterdeck 2005
Cardassian Capture
Carsten Hartmann

Landesmeisterdeck 2005
Mission: 1x Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble World
1x Evacuate Colony
1x Investigate Maquis Activity
1x Investigate Sighting
1x Kressari Rendezvous
Drawdeck (36)
Equipment: 3x Cardassian Phaser Pistol
Event: 2x Labor Camp
1x Machinations
2x Stir Crazy
Interrupt: 1x Amanda Rogers
3x Arrest Order
1x Escape
Personnel: 1x Aamin Marritza
1x Altovar
1x Corbin Entek
1x Damar, Loyal Glinn
3x Davin
1x Dukat - Liberator and Protector
1x Elim Garak - Agent of the Obsidian Order
1x Evek, attache to the demilitarized zone
3x Jerax
1x Lemec
1x Madred
1x Mila
1x Odo, Constable
1x Retaya
1x The Albino, killer of children
1x Toran
Ship: 2x Prakesh
1x Reklar
Dilemmadeck (34)
Dual: 1x A Royal Hunt
1x Back Room Dealings
1x Chula: Echoes
1x DNA Analysis
1x Dressing Down
1x Equipment Malfunction
1x Full Security Alert
1x Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
2x Hard Time
1x Kelvan Show Of Force
1x Limited Welcome
2x Racial Tension
1x Restricted Area
2x Secret Identity
1x Timescape
1x Worn-Out Welcome
Planet: 1x Assassination Attempt
1x Biochemical Hyperacceleration
1x In Training
1x Picking Up The Pieces
1x Rogue Borg Ambush
1x Triage
1x Ungracious Host
Space: 1x Command Decisions
1x Confined To Quarters
1x Disruptor Accident
2x Gomtuu Shock Wave
1x Magnetic Field Disruptions
2x Personal Duty