Confessions of a Genius
Federation Winner Deck
Thomas Schneider

Confessions of a Genius
Missions: Avert Danger
Earth, Home of Starfleet Command
Fissure Research
Geological Survey
Mining Survey
Drawdeck (40)
Events: Confessions in the Pale Moonlight x3
D'Arsay Archive x2
Heightened Perception x2
Stir Crazy x2
Unexpected Difficulties x2
Interrupts: The Rite of Emergence x2
Personnel: Benjamin Sisko, Man of Resolve x2
Crosis, Fanatical Lieutenant
Gideon Seyetik, Great Terraformer
Goval, Follower of the One
Hannah Bates, Biosphere Expert
Jack, Maladjusted Misfit
Jadzia Dax, Problem Solver x2
Julian Bashir, “UnnaturalFreak” x2
Lauren, Seductress
Lenara Kahn, Wormhole Theorist x2
Leyton, Chief of Starfleet Operations
Michael Eddington, Traitor to Starfleet x2
Mills x2
Nel Apgar, Temperamental Researcher x2
Pran Tainer, Atrean Seismologist
Serova, Warp Field Theorist
Ships: USS Excelsior x3
Dilemma Pile (32)
Dilemmas: A Royal Hunt x2
Back Room Dealings x2
Biochemical Hyperacceleration x2
Chula: Pick One to Save Two x2
Command Decisions x2
Disruptor Accident
Gomtuu Shock Wave x2
Gravimetric Distortion
Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner? x2
In Training x2
Kolaran Raiders
Personal Duty x2
Picking Up the Pieces
Pinned Down x2
Skeleton Crew x2
The Dreamer and the Dream x2
Unexpected x2