Brute Force
TOC Celle Platz 2 – Runner-Up
Wolfram Pulsfort

Brute Force
Mission: Battle Reconnaissance
Brute Force
Investigate Alien Probe
Qo’nos, Heart of the Empire
Rescue Prisoners
Drawdeck (55)
Equipment: Bat’leth x2
Event: Disable Sensors
Point Blank Strike x3
Precise Attack
Warrior’s Birthright
Unexpected Difficulties x2
Interrupt: Escape x2
Quantum Slipstream Drive x2
Stricken Dumb x2
The Promise x3
The Rite of Emergence
Personnel: Bamara x3
Dokar x2
Gowron, Leader of the High Council x3
Jadzia Dax, Sworn Ally
Kahmis x3
Kamala, The Perfect Mate
Kang, Honored Warrior
K’nera x2
Kor, Dahar Master
Koval, Chairman of the Tal Shiar
Larg, Piece of Baktag
Meraht x2
Nu’Daq, Tenacious Rival
T’vis x3
Vorax x3
William T. Riker, Exchange Officer x3
Ship: I.K.S. Ning’tao
I.K.S. Vor’Cha
Dilemmadeck (38)
Dual: A Royal Hunt
Antedean Assassins
Racial Tension x3
Traitor Exposed
Planet: A Living Death
Armus Roulette
Assassination Attempt x2
Biochemical Hyperacceleration
Dangerous Climb x2
In Training
Kolaran Raiders
Picking Up the Pieces x2
Rogue Borg Ambush
Sympathetic Magic x2
Trabe Grenade x2
Space: A Pleasant Surprise
Aggressive Behavior
Gomtuu Shockwave x3
Gravimetric Distortion
Magnetic Field Disruptions x2
Personal Duty x2
Quantum Filament x3
Stolen Computer Core