Rogue Thief Ambush
TOC Celle Platz 5
Sebastian Kirstein

Rogue Thief Ambush
Mission: Deliver Supplies
Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9
Qualor II Rendezvous
Survey Star System
Treat Plague Ship
Drawdeck (47)
Equipment: Batíleth x2
Event: Cargo Run x2
Feast on the Dying
Pickpocket x3
Interrupt: Escape x3
Personnel: Brull, Encampment Leader
Chorgan, Leader of the Gatherers
Dallan x3
Data, Loyal Brother
Galnar x3
JoíBril, Patient Schemer
Lore, The One x2
Morn, Barfly x3
Raimus, Criminal Master
Soto x3
Temarek x3
Vekor x3
Volnoth x3
Yelsar x3
Ship: Flaxian Scout Vessel x3
Miradorn Raider
Dilemmadeck (40)
Dual: Back Room Dealings x2
Chula: Echoes x2
Dangerous Liaisons x2
Dressing Down x2
Hired Muscle
Pinned Down x3
Racial Tension x2
Secret Identity
Skeleton Crew x2
Temptation x3
Traitor Exposed x2
Planet: Assassination Attempt x2
Captainís Holiday
Flim-Flam Artist
Harsh Conditions x3
Picking Up the Pieces x2
Test of Wisdom x2
Space: Command Decisions x2
Gomtuu Shockwave x3
Personal Duty x2