Forever Linked
TOC Celle Platz 7
Roga Danar

Forever Linked
Mission: Avert Danger
Earth, Cradle of the Federation
Geological Survey
Investigate Alien Probe
Mining Survey
Drawdeck (43)
Event: Forever Linked x3
Unexpected Difficulties x2
Personnel: Barron x3
Daniel Kwan x3
Davies x3
Geordi LaForge, Conn Officer
Hannah Bates
Karen Farris, Rigorous Leader
Lian Tísu x2
Lopez x2
Marshor x2
Martin x3
Nog, Eager Cadet x3
Riley Shepard, Confident Cadet
Rixx x2
Sarina Douglas, Cataleptic Conundrum
Seth Mendoza x3
Van Orton x3
Wesley Crusher, Prodigy
Ship: U.S.S. Excelsior x3
U.S.S. Nebula
Dilemmadeck (36)
Dual: A Royal Hunt
Chula: Echoes x2
Dressing Down x2
Limited Welcome
Pinned Down
Racial Tension
Side by Side
Skeleton Crew x2
Timescape x2
Planet: Assassination Attempt
Authenticate Artifacts
Harsh Conditions x2
Kolaran Raiders x2
Picking Up the Pieces x2
Rogue Borg Ambush
Trabe Grenade
Whisper in the Dark
Space: Crippling Attack
Command Decisions x2
Confined to Quarters
Enemy Boarding Party
Gomtuu Shockwave
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Nanite Attack
Personal Duty x2
Tsiolkovsky Infection