We are the Borg, Resistance is Futile!
Siegerdeck Baden-Württemberg, Vizemeister Bayern
Florian Heß

We are the Borg, Resistance is Futile!
Mission: Battle Reconnaissance
Destroy Transwarp Hub
Hunt Alien
Plot Invasion
Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
Drawdeck (45)
Equipment: 1x Bat'leth
Event: 2x Machinations
3x Severed Link
2x Unexpected Difficulties
Interrupt: 3x Adapt
2x Analyze
2x Stricken Dumb
Personnel: 2x Acclimation Drone
3x Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive
3x Computation Drone
3x Evaluation Drone
2x Information Drone
3x Invasive Drone
3x Locutus, Voice of the Borg
1x Negation Drone
3x Opposition Drone
1x Reclamation Drone
2x Seven of Nine, Part of the Greater Whole
Ship: 3x Borg Cube
1x Locutus Borg Cube
Dilemmadeck (34)
Dual: 3x Chula: Echoes
3x Chula: Pick One to save Two
2x Pinned Down
2x Racial Tension
3x Skeleton Crew
1x Timescape
Planet: 2x A Living Death
2x Assassination Attempt
2x Picking-Up the Pieces
2x Rogue Borg ambush
3x Trabe Grenade
Space: 2x Command Decisions
2x Disruptor Accident
2x Gomtuu Shock Wave
3x Personal Duty