For the Prophets
Bajoran Federation Turniersiegerdeck
Mora Pol

For the Prophets
Mission: Amnesty Talks
Bajor Gift of the Prophets
Investigate Maquis Activity
Mouth of the Wormhole Deep Space 9
Pacify Warring Factions
Drawdeck (38)
Equipment: Bat`leth x2
Event: Unexpected Difficulties x3
Interrupt: Stricken Dumb x3
Personnel: Akorem Laan Revered Poet
Bareil Antos Esteemed Vedek
Benjamin Sisko The Emissary of the Prophets x2
Borum Selfless Hero
Brilgar x2
Dathon Speaker of Tama
Keiko O`Brien School Teacher
Kira Nerys Colonel Kira
Li Nalas Legend of Bajor
Maques Cairn Delegate
Marouk Sovereign of Acamar
Miles O`Brien Chief of Operations
Mills x2
Mora Pol Pioneering Scientist
Odo Constable
Ranjen Koral Student of B`hala
Shakaar Edon Resistance Leader
The Sirah The Storyteller
Ship: Assault Vessel x2
Bajoran Scout Vessel x3
Dilemmadeck (38)
Dual: Chula: Echoes x3
Chula: Pick One to Save Two x3
Equipment Malfunction x2
Pinned Down x3
Racial Tension x2
Skeleton Crew x2
Temptation x2
Planet: A Living Death x2
Casualties of War x2
Picking Up the Pieces x2
Rogue Borg Ambush x2
Trabe Grenade x3
Space: Command Decisions x2
Gomtuu Shock Wave x2
Personal Duty x3
Training Accident x2