Top Players Invitational 2003 - Siegerdeck / GP4 A
Dominion - More than Battle
Mora Pol

More than Battle
Mission: Archanis Dispute
Destroy Iconian Gateway
Founder`s Homeworld Home of the Great Link
Plot Invasion
Rescue Prisoners of War
Drawdeck (38)
Event: Stir Crazy x2
Unexpected Difficulties x3
Interrupt: Stricken Dumb x3
Personnel: Bashir Founder Nefarious Saboteur
Borath Psychological Researcher
E`Tyshra x2
Founder Leader Beguiling Teacher
Keevan Conniving Liar
Kilana Dissembling Envoy x2
Martok Founder Poison of the Empire
Noret'ikar x3
Odera'klen x3
Remata'Klan Unit Leader
Sunad x2
Tozara'Kesh x3
Ty Kajada Relentless Investigator
Varen'agor x2
Weyoun Instrument of the Founders
Yak`Talon Deadly Patroller
Ship: Jem`Hadar Attack Ship
Jem`Hadar Warship x3
Dilemmapile (38)
Dual: Chula: Echoes x3
Chula: Pick One to Save Two x3
Pinned Down x3
Racial Tension x2
Skeleton Crew x2
Temptation x2
Planet: A Living Death x2
Casualties of War x2
Head to Head
Picking Up the Pieces x2
Rogue Borg Ambush x2
Trabe Grenade x3
Space: Command Decisions x2
Face to Face
Gomtuu Shock Wave x2
Personal Duty x3
Training Accident x2