AWARD Siegerdeck 2003
Ishkas Rettung
Sebastian Kirstein

Dilemma: Dead End

Edo Probe
Borg Ship
Whale Probe

Edo Probe
Cytoplasmic Life-form
Clown: Beneath the Mask

Lack of Preparation
Chula:The Chandra
Linguistic Legerdemain

Lack of Preparation
Chula:The Chandra
Friendly Fire

Your Galaxy is Impure
I Hate You!
Executive Authorization
Doorway: Q's Tent
Space Time Portal
Temporal Micro-Wormhole
Event: 1st Rule of Acquisition
Facility: Empok Nor
Ferengi Trading Post
Incident: Q the Referee x2
Holoprogram: The Fortress of Doom
Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission
Writ of Accountability
Mission: Gunrunning
Mining Survey
Wormhole Negotiations
Study Cometary Cloud
Feldomite Rush
Uncover DNA Clues
Objective: Assign Mission Specialists
Defend Homeworld
Ship: D'Kora Marauder
Site: Ops
Promenade Shops
Security Office
Ore Processing Unit
Science Lab
Docking Pads
Doorway: Alternate Universe Door
Barzan Wormhole x3
Space Time Portal
Equipment: Gold Pressed Latinum x2
Event: 34th Rule of Acquisition
Establish Landing Protocols
Isomagnetic Desintegrator
Kivas Fajo Collector x4
Revolving Door x2
Incident: Bribery
Interrupt: All Threes x4
Beyond the Subatomics x24
Data, Keep Dealing
Full Planet Scan
Palor Toff Alien Trader x22
Mutation x4
Rogue Borg Mercenaries
Smooth as an Androids Bottom x5
Temporal Rift
The Power x4
Personnel: Ayala (AMS)
Dr.Borts (AMS)
Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel
B'Elanna Torres x2
Chaotica x2
Grand Nagus Gint
Kes (VOY) x2
Kurros x2
Lonzak x2
Nog (BoG)
Rom (RoA)
Rudolph Ransom x2
Sullin x2
Ship: Brunt's Shuttle x4
Mirror Ferengi Shuttle
The Think Tanks Ship
Q's Tent Sidedeck
Doorway: Temporal Vortex
Equipment: Engineering Kit
Ferengi Disruptor
Ferengi Disruptor Rifle
Ferengi Padd
Medical Tricorder
Science Kit
Event: Intruder Force Field
Incident: Intruder Alert!
It's Only a Game
Writ of Accountability
Objective: Operate Wormhole Relays