Former Borg Mission Solver
2. Platz Bremen 36

Ulf Benjes

Seed Deck (30)
Dilemma (14): Dead End
Edo Probe; The Whale Probe; Telepathic Deception
Female's Love Interest; Horta; Hamonian Land Eel
Lack Of Preparation; Chula: The Chandra; Friendy Fire
Nanite Attack; The Cloud; Ankari "Spirits"
Your Galaxy Is Impure; Ferengi Infestation; The Week Will Perish
Doorway: Holodeck Door
Q's Tent
Temporal Micro-Wormhole
Nekrit Supply Depot
Incident: Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission
Cybernetics Expertise
Holoprogram: 221B Baker Street
Q The Referee x3
Quark's Isolineas Rods
War Council
Mission: Acquire Technology
Assist Cooperative
Inversion Mystery
Reinitialize Warp Reaction
Study Protonebula
Objective: Assign Mission Specialists
Draw Deck (62 2)
Event: 1x Intermix Ratio
1x Shape-Shift Inhibitor
Incident: 1x In the Zone
1x Obelisk of Masaka
1x Panel Overload
1x Stategema
Interrupt: 5x All Threes
3x Data, Keep Dealing
3x Full Planet Scan
10x Nanoprobe Resuscitation
3x Scan
Objective: 1x Operate Wormhole Relays
Personnel: 3x B'Elanna Torres
2x Chakotay
1x Dr. McCoy
1x Kes
2x Lansor
1x Leah Brahms (AMS)
3x Marika
1x Mezoti
1x One
2x Orum
2x P'Chan
1x Pralor Unit 3947
5x Pralor Unit 6263
1x Rebi and Azan
1x Riley Frazier
1x Riva
1x Seven of Nine
1x Tahglio (AMS)
Ship: 3x U.S.S. Voyager
Q's Tent
Doorway: Space Time Portal
Temporal Vortex
Equipment: Bio-Neural Gel Pack
Event: Masaka Transformation
Incident: Blue Alert
Interrupt: The Gift
The Juggler
Personnel: Ayala
Hannah Bates
Seven of Nine
Sherlock Holmes
Ship: Bothan Vessel