For Cardassia!
AWARD Nominee 2003
Christian Pulsfort

For Cardassia!
Mission: Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble World
Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9
Evacuate Colony
Intercept Maquis
Kressari Rendezvous
Drawdeck (75)
Event: For All Our Sons x3
Labor Camp
Line of Defense
Machinations x3
"Observer" from the Obsidian Order x3
Political Leverage x3
Unexpected Difficulties x3
Interrupt: Comfort Women x3
Escape x3
Stricken Dumb x3
Personnel: Ari
Boheeka x3
Corbin Entek
Daro x3
Dukat, Military Advisor
Elim Garak, Agent of the Obsidian Order x3
Emok x3
Etana Jol
Evek, Attaché to the Demilitarized Zone
Gilora Rejal
Grathon Tolar
Jerax x3
Jural x3
Kira Nerys, Impassioned Major x3
Natima Lang
Ocett, Dogged Rival
Parn x3
Roga Danar, Decorated Subhadar
Rogesh x3
Soto x2
Ty Kajada
Ship: Aldara
Prakesh x3
Dilemmadeck (50)
Dual: Antedean Assassins
Chula: Echoes x2
Exposed Power Relay
Hired Muscle
Impressive Trophies
Limited Welcome
Ornaran Threat
Pinned Down x2
Racial Tension x2
Sorting Things Out
Stellar Core Fragment
Telepathic Deception
Tense Negotiations
Timescape x2
Quarren Labor Shortage
Planet: Armus Roulette
Captain’s Holiday
Casualties of War
Flim-Flam Artist
Houdini Mines x2
Kolaran Raiders x2
Picking Up The Pieces x2
Trabe Grenade x2
Triage x2
Quaint Technology x2
Space: Command Decisions x2
Gravimetric Distortion
Magnetic Field Disruptions x3
Personal Duty x2
Systems Diagnostic
Training Accident