Section31 Never Gives Up!
Das Deck des dt. Vize-Meisters 2003
Luthy Sloan

Seed Deck
Artifact: 2x Horga´hn
Dilemma: 1x Dead End
1x The Whale Probe
2x Friednly Fire
1x Temporal Causality Loop
1x Q
2x Female´s Love Interest & Garbage Scow
Doorway: 1x Alternate Universe Door
1x Holodeck Door
1x Q-Flash
1x Q´s Tent
2x Space-Time Portal
1x Temporal Micro-Wormhole
Event: 1x Mission Debriefing
Facility: 1x Vidiian Outpost
Incident: 1x Caretaker´s Array
1x Delta Quadrant Spatial Scisson
1x Holoprogram: The Fortress of Doom
2x Q the Referee
1x Quark´s Isolinear Rods
Mission: 1x Revive Settlers
1x Unseat Dictator
1x Mine Dilithium
1x Seal Rift
1x Answer Distress Signal
1x Liberation
Objective: 1x Assign Mission Specialits
1x Beware of Q
1x Defend Homeworld
Ship: 1x U.S.S. Voyager
Time Location: 1x Halkan Council
Draw Deck (222)
Doorways (20): 2x Alternate Universe Door
16x Q´s Tent
2x Temporal Vortex
Equipments (12): 1x Bio-Neural Gel Pack
8x Borg Nanoprobes
1x Classic Tricorder (Trouble with Tribbles)
1x Classic Communicator (Trouble with Tribbles)
1x Mobile Holo-Emitter
Events (5): 1x Intermix Ratio
1x Intruder Force Field
1x Masaka Transformations
1x Mirror Image
1x The Big Picture
Incidents (9): 1x Blue Alert
1x Containment Field
1x Feeback Surge
1x In the Zone
1x Intruder Alert
1x It´s Only a Game
1x Obelisk of Masaka
1x Reactor Overload
1x The Vidiian Sodality
Interrupts (103): 24x All Threes
44x Beyound the Subatomic
4x Full Planet Scan
1x I’m a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer
1x Oof
25x Palor Toff – Alien Trader
1x Scorched Hand
2x Smooth as an Android´s Bottom
1x The Gift
Objektive (1): 1x Operate Wormhole Relays
Personnel (57): 2x Arachnia
1x B’Elanna Torres (Voyager)
2x Captain Spock (The Motion Pictures)
1x Captain Sulu (The Motion Pictures)
2x Chaotica
1x Chief Surgeon McCoy
1x Comm Officer Uhura
1x Data and Geordi
1x Dereth
1x Dimitri Valtane
1x Dr. McCoy (Trouble with Tribble)
1x Dr. Telek R´Mor
1x Ensign O´Brien
1x First Officer Spock (Mirror Mirror)
2x Hajur
1x Henreid
1x Hogan (Assign Mission Specialit)
7x Kes (Voyager)
2x Lansor
2x Lonzak
2x Marika
1x Mr. Scott (The Motion Pictures)
1x Lt. Bailey
1x Lt. Nagata
1x *** L U T H E R S L O A N ***
1x Narik (Assign Mission Specialist)
1x Odo (Trouble with Tribble)
2x P´Chan
3x Penk
4x Rudolph Ransom
1x Saavik
1x Security Chief Sulu 1x St. John Talbot
1x Telari
1x The Doctor
1x Tom Paris (Voyager)
1x Tuvok (Voyager)
1x Willard Decker
Ships (15): 1x I.S.S. Enterprise (downloaded via Halkanian Council in Seed Phase)
2x Delta Flyer
2x U.S.S. Pasteur
2x U.S.S. Enterprise-A (The Motion Pictures)
2x Starship Constituition (The Motion Pictures)
5x U.S.S. Equinox
1x Starship Enterprise (Trouble with Tribbles)
Q’s Tent Sidedeck
Dilemma: 1x Female´s Love interest & Garbage Scow
Doorway: 1x Q-Flash
Equipment: 1x Borg Nanoprobes
Facility: 1x Colony
Objective: 1x Operate Wormhole Relays
1x Reflection Therapy
Personnel: 1x Dr. McCoy (TwT)
1x Gurat´urak
Interrupt: 1x Amanda Rogers
1x Full Planet Scan
1x Kevin Uxbridge
1x The Devil
1x Wormhole
Q´s Flash Sidedeck
Q Dilemma: 1x Mandarin Bailiff
Q Event: 2x Fighin´ Words
1x Penatly Box
1x Scottish Setter
1x Rhetorical Question