04.07.2006: Spoiler aus Captains Log und Genesis Quelle: Ten Forward
click to enlargeAuf der Origins 2006 Convention in den U.S.A. wurden drei Spoiler zum 10. Set Captain's Log und zum 11. Set Genesis vorgestellt. Beide Sets werden zusammen gedruckt und wurden bereits von Paramount abgesegnet, d.h. aktuell befinden sich die Karten im Proof-Read - also kurz vor Freigabe zum Druck.

[D] 3 An Issue of Trust
Unless you have Honor or Treachery, all your personnel are stopped. If you have two or more personnel who have Honor or Treachery, randomly select all but one of those personnel to be stopped.
"You don't trust me."
"I have no reason to."
10 R 2

5 Destiny Reset
Temporal. Plays in your core. When you have drawn dilemmas, you may destroy this event and remove those dilemmas from the game to search your dilemma pile for up to two dilemmas whose total cost does not exceed the number of dilemmas you removed. Place those dilemmas on your dilemma stack in any order. Then shuffle your dilemma pile.
"Captain Archer destroyed the weapon."
10 U 26

[Fed] 4 •The Doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram
[Voy] Hologram
•Biology •Exobiology •2 Medical •Science
When your [Voy] personnel present is about to be killed by a dilemma that costs 3 or more, you may discard two cards from hand to stop that personnel instead.
"There's no need for concern. I am capable of treating any injury or disease."
10 R 83

[D] 3 Not Quite Domesticated Pets
Unless you have Diplomacy, 2 Leadership and Integrity>28 or Biology, 2 Exobiology and Cunning>34, randomly select a personnel to be stopped. If your opponent has more events in his or her core than you and he or she does not command that personnel, place that personnel at his or her headquarters mission instead and that opponent now commands that personnel.
[1EC] 11 P 4

[NA] 3 •Carol Marcus, Intelligent Scientist
[Pa] Human
•2 Exobiology •Honor •Physics •Science
This personnel is Cunning +1 for each card in an opponent's hand (limit +5).
"The matrix formed in a day. The life forms grew later, at a substantially accelerated rate. ... Can I cook or can't I?"
11 P 23