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Interview 20.11.99
Mit Marcus Certa
"The Emissary"
Spiel 99, Essen

Eine Übersetzung des Interviews mit Marcus Certa ist zu finden in der Jubiläumsausgabe der KARTEFAKT #25

Jaglom Shrek: Hello Marcus, you are the ST:CCG administrator now and you direct the the ambassador program. Can you describe your tasks to ordinary players, please!

The Emissary I'm promoter of the game. This involves that I've to come up with ideas and plans in order to promote the game: demo-tours, parties. Some new ideas to advertise or some sort of program. I also run the ambassador-program, that's a volunteer program that helps to promote the Star Trek game. I coordinate with them in order to coordinate some promotional projects work like the demo-tour. The other ones are doing the tour but I've to coordinate it to make sure that all the information is put on the website and to make sure that everyone participates - that's the primary task of my job as the Emissary.

Jaglom Shrek: At this time one German ambassador has resigned, one is planning to become an Danish ambassador and the only remaining - Soenke Müller - has become a background manager, how looks the future of German ambassadorship?

The Emissary As far as German ambassadors is concerned I've spoken actually to two more people this week and it looks like we're to bring out a couple or more German ambassadors and I'm trying to get more German ambassadors - I'm always looking for German ambassadors. We always had three or four at different times and one of them has resigned recently so we're looking to fill these spaces - we need more reprentation. At the same time, too, we're looking for more tournament directors so that more tournaments are being around in Germany, too. Star Trek is a huge game here, much bigger here in than in some other areas I've been in, including USA - so it's very important for me to make sure that there's enough of representation here - I want to make sure they continues.

Jaglom Shrek: You are talking about some more prize support. What's about tournaments which are organized with twenty or more players? Will they get more prize support than one display of premiere boosters?

The Emissary In the future we're looking at changing the prize support structure, we're taking those things into consideration. We have not made any decisions on how that will all work but we are in the process of making such changes so that maybe in early next year we have a new plan for how prize support is to work. That way we can better support those larger tournaments as well as continue to support those younger tournaments. And then also to change the prize support structure in a way to appear more to beginner players. So that we can run some beginner tournaments and get beginner players involved and encourage the play even more. So we're looking that way right now, we're discussuing it but no plan of actions has been established yet.

Jaglom Shrek: Will the German tournament area become more organized than before? What's about a great German Championship?

The Emissary I would like to see another German Championship after Helge Blohmer's German Farpoint Championship! Joeri Hoste (Decipher European Markeing Assisstant) is working out a plan to run a sort of a new non-regional championship structure but a national championship structure so that each on of the European countries can have ist own national championship. He's working on a plan which will probably be puplished by the end of the year 1999 so I hope to see another German Championship probably late summer next year.

Jaglom Shrek: I've heard about some German TDs planning to organize a German Championship. Will they be coordinated by the ambassadors or will they work on their own?

The Emissary The championships will probably be organized and setupped by the ambassadors. We will send our European representatives Dominik, Joeri or Marcus Shepperd to that event in order to represent us. So that way we are there as well as it will be more national because of the fact that it will being run and organized and being handled by the German ambassadors to hold that German Championship. So that will be much better for the feeling of togetherness and nationalism. And I think that our ambassadors here in Germany are quite qualified and are excellent organizers and I think they can put together an event that's well worth the drive or how you want to get there to play on that event.

Thanks a lot!

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