How much is a MASTER SET worth??? plz help!!! (txt)

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Written by Peter Hagbard at 18 March 2002 22:37:59:


I'm interested how much a person would pay for the MASTER SET!!!
It contains:

Complete Set Premier - Silverboarder
Complete Set Alternate Universe - including Future Enterprise
Complete Set Q-Continuum
all Two-Player Cards
all 6 First Anthology cards
The Traveller & Emissary
Complete Set The First Comtact (including 6 Borg Queens)
The Fajo Collection
Complete Set Deep Space 9 (including WB U.S.S. Defaint + all starter cards)
all 12 Enhanced First Contact cards + 3 overlays
Complete Set The Dominion (including all 4 WB preview cards)
Complete Set Blaze of Glory (without any foil cards)
all 6 Second Anthology cards
Complete Set Rules of Acquisition
Premium card: U.S.S. Jupiter
Complete Set Trouble with Tribbles (including Dr. McCoy)
all Enhanced Stater Deck cards
Complete Set Reflections (including Case Topper+ 4 UR Foils+ 4 BoxToppers)
Complete Set Mirror, Mirror (including First Officer Spock)
Complete Set Voyager (including The Pendari Champion + all starter cards)
Complete Set The Borg (including Reginald Barcley)

(+ about 7000 commons & uncommons from every set)

Please answer! Thx for helping


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