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Geschrieben von Jaglom Shrek [Amb] am 26. März 2002 14:40:57:

>Okay, I've had a few differing opinions tossed at me on this one, and the
>Glossary/CRD haven't been terribly incisive on this, so lemme ask ya'll:
>Does Espionage: Bajoran on Cardassian count as a "Cardassian Espionage card"
>for the purposes of Bajoran Resistance Cell?
>The only semi-answer I found was under "any" in the CRD:
>"For other card types (e.g., events and interrupts), "any", "a", "an", and
>"one" refer to any card with the designated words in its card title. For
>example, "Any Emblem card" includes Emblem of the Empire and Emblem of the
>Alliance (but not cards displaying the icons representing those emblems)."
>'s got "Cardassian", it's got "Espionage", it's got me stumped, who
>could ask for anything more? *rimshot*
>Any help on resolving this confusion would be helpful. Thank you.

Well, to start with, if you're talking about Bajoran Resistance Cell,
what you need to know is if Espionage: Cardassian on Bajoran is a
"Bajoran Espionage card" (it's not).

This rule isn't quite applicable, because if there is more than one
word involved they would have to appear as a phrase. That card is "an
Espionage card", but not a "Bajoran Espionage card". There is in fact
no card that has the *phrase* "Bajoran Espionage" in its title, so
that's not what BRC a card is referring to. It's like saying "a
Bajoran ship" -- which means a ship of Bajoran affiliation or origin,
not a ship with "Bajoran ship" in its title (there is of course no
such thing).

In the case of Bajoran Resistance Cell (and Plans of the Tal
Shiar/Obsidian Order), a Bajoran (or Romulan, or Cardassian)
Espionage card is exactly what common sense would suggest when you
look at the purpose of the card using that phrase: an Espionage card
that lets Bajorans (or Romulans, or Cardassians) perform espionage
against someone else. It simply makes no sense that a Bajoran
resistance cell would want to let Cardassians perform espionage
against *them*, so why would they be able to download the card or
prevent it from being nullified? The card that does that is Plans of
the Obsidian Order.

In a nutshell, you need to distinguish between a reference to a
phrase that could appear in a card title (such as "Disruptor Rifle")
and an affiliation used as a qualifying term, as in "a Bajoran [card
of some kind]". "Bajoran Espionage card" should be read as
"(Bajoran)(Espionage card)", analogous to "(Bajoran)(ship)", NOT as
"(Bajoran Espionage) card", analogous to "(I'm a Doctor, not...)

Jolan tru,

Major Rakal
(Kathy McCracken)

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