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Geschrieben von Jaglom Shrek [Amb] am 26. Februar 2002 15:22:28:

>Here are some question about I need to be 100% sure:
>1. Rituals of the Hunt, only one Hirogen who has Anthropology add
>prey's skills?, or all Hirogens who has Anthropology adds prey's

All who have Anthropology.

>2. Chakotay + Ancestrall Vision. Must be on planet (not valid if is
>on an Outpost or a landed ship?)

"On planet" includes personnel in a planet facility or in a landed
ship (they *are* on the planet). But outposts are physically in
space, regardless of the type of mission where they are located.

>3. Orbital Bombardment. Same as Chakotay, can kill people inside an Outpost?

Again, outposts are in space. Neither the outpost nor the personnel
aboard are on the planet. Personnel in a Colony, Terraforming
Station, or headquarters, however, *are* on the planet.

>4. Holodeck Door, If I seed Holodeck Door can I report cards from
>other quadrant?

I believe this is covered in the Current Rulings.

>5. Crell Moset, discarted personnel present can be of an opponet?

Yes. It does not say "your personnel".

>6. Lansor, If I donwload Lansor with Defend Homeworld and Discarting
>Temporal Micro-Wormhole and I download also Marica and P'Chan to the
>same location?

Not to the same location, no. The download does not specify a
location; you have to report them wherever you could normally report

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