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Geschrieben von Jaglom Shrek [Amb] am 25. Februar 2002 15:31:49:

>Tierna can special download Kazon Bomb as an Interrupt, but (per the
>glossary) the KB is treated as a dilemma as well as an interrupt.
>If the personnel present with him do not meet the 'unless'
>requirements of the KB, they are stopped, aren't they?
>The dilemma resolution guide in the Glossary doesn't say that it
>applies to dilemmas played as interrupts, but if the same principle
>that "A dilemma only "stops" the Away Team or ship and crew if it
>has conditions and you fail to overcome those conditions" holds
>true, Tierna's curry tummy should stop anybody present who doesn't
>get killed.
>Under 'Stopped', the glossary states that "Encountering a dilemma
>with conditions that the crew or Away Team can't overcome "stops"
>that entire Away Team or ship and crew." 'Encountering' is a word
>that is only defined in the context of
>mission/scouting/commandeering attempts, so I'm genuinely stumped by
>this one. Ruling?

Your last paragraph is the answer. It's encountering a dilemma (which
by definition happens within a mission, scouting, or commandeering
attempt) with conditions and failing to meet the conditions that
stops you.

All rules for dilemma resolution are for dilemmas encountered within
one of the three kinds of attempts. If a dilemma is played as an
interrupt or as an event, then it is not being encountered, but is
played out exactly as if you played an interrupt or event with the
same text.

The fact that it is "treated as a dilemma" (because it is a dilemma
card) probably has little meaning in this context. More to the point
is the fact that, when played as an interrupt, it can be nullified by
Amanda Rogers despite the fact that it is labelled as a dilemma. In
other words, the rule is aimed more at the "played as" aspect than
what the original card is; however, an artifact that is "used as
equipment" qualifies as both at once, because it is not a question of
what happens when it is played but rather how it is used. For
example, an artifact used as Equipment *is* an artifact (so it could
be stolen by Vorgon Raiders), but is also treated as equipment (and
is thus vulnerable to Disruptor Overload etc.).

Jolan tru,

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