Alphabet of Strategy
Season 1

No Name Expansion Rarity Card Type
1 Alas, Poor Drone The Borg Uncommon Event
2 Alternate Universe Door Alternate Universe Common Doorway
3 Altonian Brain Teaser Deep Space Nine Uncommon Dilemma
4 Arbiter of Succession Q-Continuum Rare Interrupt
5 Assign Support Personnel The Trouble with Tribbles Common Objective
6 Bareil Mirror Mirror Rare Personnel
7 Barzan Wormhole Voyager Rare Doorway
8 Bashir Founder Second Anthology Premium Personnel
9 Boratus Alternate Universe Uncommon Personnel
10 Borg Queen (FC) First Contact Rare Personnel
11 Captain Dax Mirror Mirror Rare Personnel
12 Caretaker's Array Voyager Rare Incident
13 Colony Q-Continuum Common Facility
14 Crossover Mirror Mirror Common Incident
15 Crystalline Entity Premiere lim. Rare Dilemma
16 Defend Homeworld The Trouble with Tribbles Uncommon Objective
17 Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission Voyager Common Incident
18 Devoras Premiere lim. Rare Ship
19 Dr. Soong The Fajo Collection Fajo Personnel
20 Dr. Telek R'Mor Voyager Rare Personnel
21 Edo Probe Alternate Universe Uncommon Dilemma
22 Emergency Evacuation Rules of Acquisition Common Incident
23 Engage Cloak The Dominion Uncommon Objective
24 Explore Typhone Expanse Premiere lim. Rare Mission
25 Ezri Mirror Mirror Rare Personnel
26 Fair Play The Dominion Uncommon Event
27 Ferengi Conference Rules of Acquisition Common Objective
28 Ferengi Infestation The Trouble with Tribbles Rare Dilemma
29 Fifth The Borg Rare Personnel
30 For Cardassia! Mirror Mirror Uncommon Objective
31 Goddess of Empathy Premiere lim. Rare Event
32 Going to the Top Deep Space Nine Rare Interrupt
33 Goraxus Blaze of Glory Rare Ship
34 Halkan Council Mirror Mirror Rare Time Location
35 Handshake Voyager Uncommon Incident
36 Hide and Seek Official Tournament Sealed Deck Premium Q Dilemma
37 Hippocratic Oath Official Tournament Sealed Deck Premium Dilemma
38 Intermix Ratio First Contact Uncommon Event
39 Interrogation Alternate Universe Rare Event
40 Invasive Beam-In The Dominion Common Event
41 It's Only A Game Rules of Acquisition Uncommon Incident
42 Jadzia Dax (BoG) Blaze of Glory Rare Personnel
43 Jadzia Dax (DS9) Deep Space Nine Rare Personnel
44 Jaglom Shrek - Information Broker Premiere lim. Rare Interrupt
45 Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber The Dominion Common Equipment
46 John Doe Q-Continuum Uncommon Personnel
47 Julian Bashir Deep Space Nine Rare Personnel
48 Kathryn Janeway Voyager Rare Personnel
49 Keras The Trouble with Tribbles Rare Personnel
50 Kivas Fajo The Fajo Collection Fajo Personnel
51 Kivas Fajo - Collector Premiere lim. Uncommon Event
52 Koval Second Anthology Premium Personnel
53 Lore The Fajo Collection Fajo Personnel
54 Lower Decks Alternate Universe Uncommon Event
55 Lt. Dax The Trouble with Tribbles Rare Personnel
56 Luther Sloan Second Anthology Premium Personnel
57 Mission Debriefing First Contact Uncommon Event
58 Mora Pol Deep Space Nine Rare Personnel
59 Morn Rules of Acquisition Rare Personnel
60 Multidimensional Transporter Device Mirror Mirror Common Equipment
61 Nanoprobe Resuscitation Voyager Common Interrupt
62 Neelix Voyager Rare Personnel
63 Nevala Voyager Rare Personnel
64 Nilva Rules of Acquisition Common Personnel
65 Nine of Twelve The Borg Common Personnel
66 Obedience Brings Victory The Trouble with Tribbles Uncommon Interrupt
67 Ooby Dooby First Contact Rare Dilemma
68 Orb of Wisdom Rules of Acquisition Rare Artifact
69 Organ Theft Voyager Uncommon Objective
70 Orum The Borg Rare Personnel
71 P'Chan The Borg Uncommon Personnel
72 Paul Porter First Contact Rare Personnel
73 Penk Voyager Rare Personnel
74 Persistence of Memory The Fajo Collection Fajo Artifact
75 Process Ore Deep Space Nine Uncommon Objective
76 Q gets the Point The Trouble with Tribbles Common Dilemma
77 Q the Referee The Trouble with Tribbles Uncommon Incident
78 Q's Tent Q-Continuum Common Doorway
79 Quandary Holodeck Adventures Common Q Interrupt
80 Ready Room Door First Contact Uncommon Doorway
81 Reflection Therapy Official Tournament Sealed Deck Premium Objective
82 Resistance is Futile The Trouble with Tribbles Rare Incident
83 Rituals of the Hunt The Borg Common Incident
84 Sarjenka Premiere lim. Rare Dilemma
85 Scanner Interference Blaze of Glory Uncommon Incident
86 Scientific Method Rules of Acquisition Common Dilemma
87 Senior Staff Meeting Alternate Universe Uncommon Interrupt
88 Seven of Nine (Borg) The Borg Rare Personnel
89 Seven of Nine (Voy) Voyager Rare Personnel
90 Spacedoor Official Tournament Sealed Deck Premium Doorway
91 Tallera The Fajo Collection Fajo Personnel
92 The Guardian of Forever Mirror Mirror Rare Doorway
93 The Sheliak Q-Continuum Rare Dilemma
94 The Traveler: Transcendence Premiere lim. Uncommon Event
95 Two-Dimensional Creatures Premiere lim. Uncommon Dilemma
96 U.S.S. Dauntless The Borg Rare Ship
97 U.S.S. Equinox Voyager Rare Ship
98 U.S.S. Voyager Voyager Rare Ship
99 Ultimatum Blaze of Glory Uncommon Incident
100 Venatic Hunter The Borg Rare Ship
101 Vic Fontaine Holodeck Adventures Rare Personnel
102 Vidiian Boarding Claw Voyager Rare Incident
103 Vidiian Cruiser Voyager Rare Ship
104 Villagers With Torches Voyager Common Event
105 Voktak Blaze of Glory Common Personnel
106 War Council Voyager Rare Incident
107 Weyoun of Borg Mirror Mirror Rare Personnel
108 Where No One Has Gone Before Premiere lim. Common Event
109 Writ of Accountability Rules of Acquisition Rare Incident
110 Xepolite Freighter Deep Space Nine Common Ship
111 Yint The Trouble with Tribbles Common Personnel
112 Young Jem'Hadar The Dominion Common Personnel
113 Yridian Shuttle Premiere lim. Common Ship
114 Yuta Q-Continuum Rare Dilemma
115 Zalkonian Storage Capsule Q-Continuum Rare Event
116 Zefram Cochrane First Contact Rare Personnel
117 Zefram Cochrane's Telescope First Contact Rare Artifact
118 Zibalian Transport Premiere lim. Common Ship
119 Zyree The Dominion Common Personnel